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Hello all,
Here are a few paragraphs and links that will help you ease into Android consulting:


Android has over 60 phones currently on the market, 14 tablets from most major manufacturers are coming out this year. There are strong indications that Android will dominate Chinese market of 800 million users because of ease of modification to adopt to different character set.  In USA, Android started to sell more units than iPhone or Blackberry, it will be probably a year before it's market share matches millions of competitors's phones already sold, however it will happen with current trends. Android will replace hand-held devices like Palm scanners that shipment workers and inspectors carry. There are Android TV boxes, Android in GM's car OnStar navigation and emergency systems, Android VOIP desk phones, eBook readers like Alex and B&N Nook and many other devices... Android becomes the next wave of technology which resembles the Internet wave circa 1996-99. If you are a developer and you are not learning mobile development, you simply miss the biggest job opportunity of this decade.
For every website, company, or problem to be solved, there will be a question "Is there an app for that?". We want to make sure that the answer is "Yes! There is an app..."  There are 300,000 businesses in Chicago alone, a large part of them will want at least a simple mobile app to connect to their clients "on the go" better than a Website can do, the opportunity is incredible.


We've put the roadmap that you should get very familiar with and pass it along to any prospective Android developers:


There will be a mobile mega-trade show in Chicago next year and it is a part of our strategy to be the prominent part of it. We at Chicago Android, are already taking a part of the planning committees for that show, join us:


It is very important to help developers jump-start their transition to Android, we offer Wednesday classes in Chicago and Webinars outside:


We are always looking to connect you, the developer with our clients, give us a call!

Please pass along to your peers.

PS: I got an avalanche of comments, so here are few explanations...

As software consultants, we are not in business of "brochure- ware", let's leave it to marketing firms... 


If you ask how a local cafe could be more competitive than others, take a look at SpaceApart by Jason Goodrich, they create communities that are local, yes the same app can serve many places, but users want to feel it is custom made for them. 


They still send me paper postcards, instead of SMS and Calendar reminders, there is still much to improve, especially if they had an interactive app to show me different treatment options and educate me on few things, I would totally dig it because I am a geek. 


There are many businesses in Chicago that you would never consider for app and they will provide great and innovative service, they want technologies like Google Goggles (not available), photo and geo-location and barcode scanning and social media. 

Most of all businesses want to engage you in a very custom, interactive way when you are idle, on the train... not when you are busy in front of your computer. 


Uki Dominque Lucas 
founder, Chicago Android
Mobile: (650)815-6603 SMS word "Info?"
Skype: UkiDLucas

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