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Kmart is now selling a Android tablet, cheap:

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I read the article about this on the CA (chicacgoandroids) site, and even though it clearly leaves a few things to be desired, I'm so glad it comes with a stylus!! Call me old fashioned, but for my own personal use, I prefer devices that can be used with a stylus instead of an all touch device. Surprisingly enough, I still prefer my old Palm Tungsten E2 for reading ebooks over my Droid, lol. Thanks for posting this article.
Interesting but at 800x480 screen and 800MHz CPU this tablet would probably be something I could use for my daughter to play games and watch videos (which she already does)... I am still waiting for a high-resolution tablet that is cheaper than iPad and as good.

The 7-inch Gentouch78 tablet sports a touch panel LCD screen with an 800x480 resolution, 800MHz processor, 2GB of internal memory and 256MB of RAM, SD card slot with support for up to 16GB, and Wi-Fi, all wrapped into Android's 2.1 platform. It will also have access to the Android Market App Store.

It doesn't appear as though the Gentouch78 comes with any USB ports or webcams, but hey, neither does the iPad, and that costs several hundred more.


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