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We are having a very popular app in Google Play and are considering if we should go after Amazon Market Place and Kindle Fire as it is the most popular Android tablet.

My dilema is that I just bought Galaxy Tab 7+ which is quite expensive and much better than Kindle Fire, also all my eBooks are with Barnes and Noble and I have 3 Nook eReaders so buying Kindle Fire makes absolutely no sense.

Did you have success with Amazon Market Place and how did you do the testing for that market and for Kindle Fire? Did you use simulator?

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I have an application (not designed for Kindle) in the Amazon app store and have gotten no activity at all from it. 

Did you test it on Kindle Fire and does it show up on the Amazon in Kindle? I still did not decide it I should buy that thing...

I have not tested it on the Kindle Fire, but I have tested it on the emulator for Android 3.0 (I can't get the 4.0 emulator to run).  I put the app on Amazon's app store because they were promoting it for Android  apps in general, not just for the Kindle Fire.  I could not find my app in the Kindle Store.  I am somewhat surprised that apps in the Android app store do not show up in the Kindle store, since the Kindle Fire is supposed to be compatible with Android.

I have posted HOW-TO turn on debugging for Kindle here:


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