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Speaking at the Dive Into Mobile Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin gave an interesting interview about Android, its future plans, and its main competitors.


He characterized Android “as an early adopter platform” and noticed that Google wanted to allow people personalize their devices with widgets and menus, and they always add new functionalities.


Also Andy stated that Goggle welcomes third parties to add applications to the market but on his opinion Google needs to focus on the enterprise market more to make better apps.


The most impressive part of the interview was demonstration of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Motorola MOTOPAD tablet with NVIDIA dual core 3D processor was chosen for this great presentation. Rubin showed how Goggle maps work with 3D effect. It looks impressive. According to Andy’s words the Honeycomb is going to be released next year and will be available for both phone and tablet.







Full interview you can read at Engadget

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Yesterday evening appeared some more details about new Motorola Android 3.0 Tablet.

It was shown five-megapixel camera with flash and a large external speaker on the back of the tablet. Besides now new 10-inch tablet will be clocked at 1Ghz and served with 512MB of RAM.

Motorola is going to unveil the MotoPad at CES on January 5th and may ship to Verizon relatively soon afterwards.


More details at


I hope Motorola will send a unit to good folks at for a test run!

Not to mention this calls for an unveiling event in Chicago!

We all know that new Motorola tablet that was presented by Andy Rubin about a week ago will run Android 3.0 – Honeycomb. But rumors say that Honeycomb may be a simple update for Android 2.3 and will bring to us new version of Android OS - 2.4. Some sources confirm that Android 2.4 will be presented to Mobile society at Mobile World Congress on February 14, 2011. So if it’s true, new Tablet will arrive with Android 2.4 OS, then 3.0 might be saved for Ice Cream or Jelly Bean (two codenames Google has named)



As it was recently reported Motorola will unveil a tablet to run Android 3.0 or Honeycomb at the consumer Electronics Show on January 6th.  And now the mobile phone maker released a video which is a teaser for the new tablet. It's a tablet evolution video, but which definitely suggests Honeycomb tablet will be great competitor to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab.

Here is the video:

Today mobile information sources discuss the possible name for Motorola’s
upcoming tablet. As we know, it doesn’t have an official name. There are rumors
that Motorola wants to get ‘XOOM’ trademark’s name. At the moment there is a
site for money transfer called If that’s true, Motorola will need to
pay a considerable amount of money to get the trademark.
Consumer Electronics Show is coming… More and more news and rumors appear. Android 3.0 is also very expected theme at CES. According to DigiTimes, we will get Google Honeycomb OS for tablets in March 2011.

Recently T-Mobile announced that up-coming LG’s G-Slate Android-powered tablet has its own information page now.

This page doesn’t give any new information about the tablet – except for the one we know already - 4G support and also the use of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. But user can enter his/her email address and get informed with all upcoming news about the tablet.

We also have to mention that not everywhere in the USA there is 4G network, so customers need firstly to check coverage in their state/city before buying G-Slate.


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