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According to eMarketer Digital Intelligence report next two years will bring new leaders to the mobile market in the US. In 2011 Apple is going to beat RIM and reach 30%. But in 2012 Android will become number 1 OS.

In 2010 the first place was occupied by RIM with its 30%, the second by Apple - with 28% and Android was only the third with 24% of market share. But eMarketer predicts that in 2011 numbers will change and first place will be taken by Apple (30%), Rim will decrease to 25% and Android increase to 28%.

In 2012 Apple will have the same market share, while Android will continue to grow up and reach 31%.

During this year all big companies - Apple, Blackberry and Android manufacturers are going to release new devices – smarthphones and tablets. Big competition is waiting for us during next two years. And now we need just to wait and see who will be the winner.



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