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Thanks to Asian mobile giants HTC and Samsung Android phones became very popular.
Their usage has already overtaken iPhone and Blackberry and got second place in the world after Symbian. It is expected to become the leader of sales next year.

Mobile carriers are interested in increasing revenue from Internet browsing as traditional voice calls aren’t very popular nowadays, but they are facing supercharged networks.
Not all operators are able to maintain this great data traffic. However, they need to deal with this, or they will lose their customers.

Android devices are really powerful with almost all functionalities like PCs. They provides users with all opportunities for working in the Internet and social networks. The telecom network technology firm Arieso showed that Android phone customers are creating more data traffic mostly due to better cameras, video recorders, and software for editing the footage.

Michael Flanagan, Arieso’s Chief Technology Officer said great words: "When more could be done, more tends to be done." So, every operator should do everything possible to adapt to the power of Android smartphones.

Via Yahoo News

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