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Google Nexus S is the first smartphone running Gingerbread OS. Besides it is the first Android phone in space. Android Nexus S phone was sent to space to test its outer possibilities. The Android astronauts were carried by weather balloons, which were travelling with a speed up to 139mph and got the heights of over 100,000ft.

After the space trip, Google can confidently say that Nexus S works really well even in outer atmosphere with temperatures - minus 50 degrees celsius. Google Maps and Sky map allowed testers to determine their location. And what is really impressive that phone’s GPS worked up to 60,000ft and provided the latitude and longitude of the balloon every two minutes.

So Android Nexus S has successfully passed the "space" test, and who knows, maybe Google will present the smartphone for alien users at CES 2011?:)




Via DailyMail

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We have some fresh news about Android phone in the space. This time British team of engineers decided to send Android phone into orbit on a satellite to test its ability to control the satellite and to make photos in the hostile environment of space.

The mission that is called STRaND-1 is targeted to test Android phone on the orbit – can it work there or not, and if yes – can it control the satellite and in what way.

It is unknown for now what kind of model will be used in this operation. But engineers chose Android phone because it is open-source, which means they can modify it according to the requirements of the mission.

If the STRaND-1 mission works, it can make using smartphone in the space less expensive than using custom-designed equipment. It fact, total cost for STRaND-1 satellite operation now is less than family car.


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