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As we all know, Android is an open platform and everyone can use it in whatever needed way. But still, devices wanting to access Android Market have to adapt to Google’s “Compatibility Definition Document”, to conform to ten main requirements and namely:

  • Soft Keyboard
  • Touchscreen (no matter capasitive or resitive)
  • Home, Menu and Back buttons, which are “essential to the Android navigation paradigm” and should be available all the time whether they are hardware or not.
  • HTML5 capable browser
  • Camera with an at least 2MP resolution
  • Accelerometer, GPS and Bluetooth
  • Phone function “Android 2.2 is compatible with devices that are not phones. However, if a device implementation does include GSM or CDMA telephony, it MUST implement the full support for the API for that technology.”
  • Notifications. A tablet has to have sound, vibration, light notifications, and a status bar.
  • Connectivity. There has to be at least one wireless data standard that can run at 200kbps or more. 
  • Memory (at least 92MB)

So, these are 10 things your device needs to acees Android Market, hope it'll help you. 

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