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Android Developer for Mobile Health Care

Position: Full-time, salaried

Start: Immediate

Location: Either of Naperville (60563) or Downtown Chicago (60606)


  • Stock option plan participation
  • Health/Dental
  • 401K Plan
  • 17 days PTO starting
  • Gym membership (on premises)
  • Discretionary training/class/conference allowance

Job Description:

You will have primary development responsibility at the company for a new Android phone application for mobile health care (“mHealth”) that goes beyond the apps currently proliferating in app stores for fitness and wellness. This is a critical, revolutionary app for intense, real-time, continuous data acquisition via Bluetooth from multiple wearable sensors from patients in an ambulatory setting, feeding into our proprietary machine learning analytics for predictive health.  This app will evolve into THE phone-based nexus of a novel patient self-management methodology that will transform treatment of many chronic diseases threatening the viability of the health care system, like heart failure, COPD, diabetes, kidney failure, Alzheimers, cancer and so on.  If you seek to be challenged with how far the Android mobile computing platform can be pushed, this is the job for you. You will encounter and utilize just about every interface a smartphone can deploy, from Bluetooth to LTE to video to NFC – while minimizing battery drain, maximizing reliability and pushing the envelope on local real-time computation, signal processing and databasing.  You’ll learn a lot about human physiology and medicine as well, if you don’t already know it. And you will work with a team of extremely smart engineers, scientists and inventors with a proven startup record.  



  • Bachelor’s degree from 4-year undergraduate institution or higher, preferably Computer Science, Engineering or Science.
  • Mastery of Java programming, aced your course work, 3+ years enterprise implementations desirable.
  • Deep experience with Android: 2+ years of production development, especially of enterprise app(s), desirable. 
  • Production experience with Unit Test, JUnit, Test-Driven Development, and/or Continuous Integration environments.
  • Pluses:
    • Production experience with C, C++, C# development.
    • Advanced familiarity with Bluetooth, and the Android BT interface, esp. Serial Port Profile (SPP).
    • Production experience in an agile development environment.
    • Experience with signal processing algorithms.
    • Experience with real-time data streaming applications.
    • Experience developing medical eHealth and mHealth applications.


About the Company:

VGBio (corp. reg. "Venture Gain LLC", is a medical technology startup with an office in downtown Chicago and in suburban Naperville.  VGBio is developing and commercializing revolutionary, patented predictive analytics algorithms and software, and wearable body sensors for advanced at-home patient monitoring in healthcare.  We strive to provide a stimulating, flexible work environment for smart, talented people who want to work on fascinating new technology and deliver groundbreaking products for healthcare. Our management team has considerable experience with company-building, fund-raising and successful commercialization of new technology products. VGBio is backed by venture capital, as well as government development contracts, that provide a solid foundation and several years secure to achieve our goals.


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