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Android can become No. 2 Smartphone Platform till the end of the year

As year is ending, we all want to know what smartphone platform is the most popular in the USA and which one showed the biggest growth.  According to the last Comscore figures – in the third quarter, which ended on October 31st - the first full quarter since the iPhone 4 hit the market – the biggest growth was achieved by Android OS – 6.5% while Apple increased only by 0.8 %. At the same time the biggest player on this field – Research in Motion(RIM) - is going down from 37.8% to 35.8%.

The main battle goes between Apple and Android.  Analysts say that Android will continue to grow faster than iPhone and till the end of the year it will become second OS in the USA after RIM, by moving Apple on the third place.


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The Q3 of 2010 made record sales of smartphones. Android accounted for 25.5 percent of worldwide smartphone sales. And beating iOS Android became the No. 2 operating system in the world with particularly dominant position in North America.

So, now we have another question. Will Android become the No 1 OS in 2011?


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