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I am very excited about this DIY (do it yourself) tool! It will allow pretty much anybody (or any company) to quickly create a "brochure-ware" Android applications. The easier, the better! This will cause proliferation of apps for every occasion, you think of it and there will be an app for it. 

Am I afraid about my job? Not at all! 
I am sure that after using these simple apps some companies will want to add some hard-core features that will require a enterprise-class programmers and that is when I hope they call me. This is also a great chance for designers to shine! It will be also a great prototyping tool for developers. Unfortunately, a lot of mediocre development shops will have to step up, or they will loose their livelihood.

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It seems that it's not open to the public yet, it be nice to see it 'live' in one of your presentations Uki. Pretty cool stuff.
It also underscores another Google OHA trend that is other languages besides java on Android. In AppInvetor's case its Scala.
How cool! Now I have lots of questions about what it can and can't do, guess I better do more reading up on it!


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