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On February 9, 2012, Chicago Android had a meetup called by thanks to a new member Roman Zabicki. The attendance was good, about 12 -15 members and we could not accomodate more people at Argo Tea cafe.

we discussed the following topics:

  • types of development environments and systems used,
  • use of emulator
  • extracting the app logic and testing them as regular Java methods
  • jUnit
  • device specific testing (sensors, screen sizes)
  • mock objects, mock locations
  • use of draw9patch tool
  • Monkey Runner
  • importance of using proper res folders (normal-hdpi, normal-mdpi, large, xlarge)
  • WindyCityGo conference

Some of the members also received a free USB chargers from GEN corporation. If you have a picture please post it.

If you would like to organize a special-intrest meetup please post the topic, date and agenda of the meeting. Your positive comments are highly encouraged.

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Is there a car charge coming soon?

yes, that's in the cards

cute but not worth $25 was quoted at meeting.


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