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2010 is considered the year of smartphones' growth. However far not all of them succeeded to meet costomer expectations.

eWeek presented the list of smartphones that "failed to inspire buyers" in 2010:


1. BlackBerry Torch: its sales looked poor in front of successful iPhone and Motorola Droid


2. Palm Pre Plus: it couldn’t impress users with its ordinary features


3. MyTouch 3G Slide: it wasn’t impressive with bad camera quality


4. Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10 Mini Pro: the phone’s thick body and 2.6-inch touchscreen couldn’t impress users


5. Motorola i1: outdate Android 1.5 OS is the worst feature of the phone


6. HTC HD2: older Windows Mobile 6.5, short battery life made the phone fail this year


7. BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330: it looks like its predecessor with bad photo quality.



8. Dell Aero: it couldn’t become interesting for users because of 624MHz processor and an older version of Android 1.5

9. Palm Pixi Plus: it has no expansion slot and photo quality isn’t good enough


10. Motorola Defy: its rough design and and bad-quality camera dissapointed users.



Do you agree with this rating?

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